Do You Know You can Make Free Money Transfer 24/7 with ininal Wallet?

With ininal’s newly implemented technology, you no longer need to worry about the day or time while transferring money

Türkiye’s new generation payment platform ininal cooperated with Turkiye’s first and only FaaS (fintech service platform provider) Birleşik Ödeme. Thanks to this, you can easily make 24/7 bank transfer (EFT/Money Order) transactions without any time and day restrictions.

ininal, hız kesmeden Türkiye’nin yeni nesil dijital bankası olma yolundaki çalışmalarını sürdürüyor. Always bringing you the best product and services, ininal provides you making money transfers to any bank you want every hour of the day and every day of the week, besides without paying any fee.

How Can I Transfer Money 24/7?

It is very easy to send and receive money with ininal. Moreover, it is possible to do it after hours and weekend. The best part is that the sender or receiver can transfer money to each other from different banks.

Through ininal Wallet App, you can enter Send Money menu, select Transfer to Bank option, then type the name or IBAN number of the person you would like to make money transfer or EFT. It’s that simple!

To Which banks Can I do EFT?

while ininal users can do transactions to all banks in working hours, they can also make money transfers to the contracted banks after hours. You can do transactions to Akbank, Albaraka, Denizbank, Enpara, Fibabank, Garanti Bank, Halkbank, QNB Finansbank, Sekerbank, Turkiye Is Bank, Vakifbank and Ziraat Bank after hours. After send money order, within a maximum of 20 minutes, money transfer will occur in the account of the bank, to which you want to send money.

What is the limit for 24/7 money transfer?

You can check your current balance and recent transactions without needing ininal Wallet Card. For standard users, the limit for sending money is 2.750 TL. The limit of ininal Plus Account users may increase up to 50 thousand TL.

What kind of technology is used??

Ininal, by monitoring changes in spending habits, responded quickly as determined these needs. At such a time when shopping and money transfers switched from cash to digital, ininal has accomplished its new service. ininal has collaborated with Birlesik Odeme, the leader in the field of smart payment technologies, to provide its customers/users the opportunity to send money anytime to the bank they choose without paying any fees. Thus, users are able to do transactions without any time constraints. Birlesik Odeme’s Transfer on Duty service which has been marked an era in the field since 2015, puts together online infrastructure of many institutions and enables transfer 24/7 between banks. And now, Birlesik Odeme, which is the fintech company with the highest number of bank collaborations in Turkey, combines its Fintech-as-a Service (FaaS) vision with ininal. The Project that came out as a result of the union of the two companies simplifies the lives of ininal Card and ininal Wallet users.

Now you can send or receive money without thinking about the date and time. It takes only seconds to download ininal Wallet and become a member. You can add your card and top-up money instantly. With ininal App, you can make game spendings and bill payments wherever and whenever you want without needing any card. By inviting your friends, both you can win and make your friends win.

To buy ininal Card, which is valid everywhere and has chip -contactless features, you can visit D&R, KIM Market, Migros, Pratik Islem, Sok Market, Teknosa, Vatan Bilgisayar and many contracted sales point. If you want your card to be delivered at door, you can get it from n11, Hepsiburada and the other contracted online shopping sites without shipping fees.

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