Card Sale and Usage Fees

You can have ininal Card by paying 5TL for once. The fee of ininal Card with chip and contactless features is also 10 TL for once.

You pay 2TL monthly*

*If there is a balance in your ininal Card, a monthly usage fee of 2 TL is charged even you do not make any transaction with your card Cards, in which the balance is 0, are free of monthly usage fee, a monthly period starts on the day you add your card to ininal Wallet and is renewed every 31 days.

Adding Balance Fees

By Money Order or EFT


PTTMatiks and Bank ATMs

It is 1.15 % of the deposited amount + 1.04TL. In other Words if you deposit 100 TL a total of 2.19 TL will be deducted from your balance. You will have topped-up 97.81 TL to your card/

Akbank ATMs

No fees for cardless transactions

24/7 money transfer via ininal Wallet to a bank (EFT/Money Order)

Free of charge between 9:00 AM to 16:45 PM on official business days, 5TL for after hours.

With credit or debit card in ininal App

2 TL for up to 100TL, 2% for top-ups between 100-500TL, 10 TL for 500 TL and above

Migros, Macrocenter and Sok Market cash registers**

The fee is 2TL and is charged separately.

NKolay Points

The fee is 2TL and is charged separately.

Pratik Islem Points

The fee is 3TL and is charged separately.

Teknosa cash registers

The fee is 2TL and is charged separately.

Cash Withdrawal Fees

PTTMatiks and bank ATMs*

*This transactions can only be performed with new ininal Cards with Visa logo. 500 TL limit annually.

1.15% of the amount to be withdrawn is + 1.04. In other words, if you withdraw 100 TL, a total of 102.19 Tl will be deducted from your balance.

Balance Transfer Fees

24/7 balance transfer from ininal Card to ininal Card.

The fee is 1 TL.

Bill Payment Fees

Bill Payment from ininal Wallet


**01.08.2022 tarihi itibariyle ininal kartlara Migros, Macrocenter ve Şok Market kasalarından yapılacak olan yükleme işlemlerinden 200 TL’ye kadar 2 TL, 200-1000 TL arasında %1, 1000 TL ve üzeri yüklemelerde 10 TL yükleme ücreti tahsil edilecektir.

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