Co-Branded Cards

Provide ease to your customers with ininal.

With ininal’s advanced infrastructure and technologies, you can increase your customer’s spending habits by providing convenience to them.

How to Use Co-Branded Cards?

Deliver the cards.

No need to fill out any forms.


Activate their APIs easily

Instant Top-Up

Top-up from our system or cash registers you integrated.

What do Co-Branded Cards Work Out For?

Without a high-cost of integration or operation, you can provide convenience to your customers with ininal’s advanced infrastructure and technologies and increase their shopping habits

  • You can offer easy payment methods for your users with ininal infrastructure.
  • You can see your users’ shopping habits and how often they use their card.
  • You can organize special discounts or deals for them based on the information about their spending trends and what kind of shopping they do
  • In case of a problem with the card, you can also produce solutions with ininal Customer Service.

Meet ininal Card

Secure and fast shopping card that is valid everywhere, has chip and contactless options.