ininal Corporate Services

ininal Corporate Services

Take advantage of ininal’s high technology in your financial transactions.

ininal does not only ensure that your products or services are purchased by individual users. In addition, virtual POS, customer cards or ininal APi provides financial infrastructure. Thus, you can take advantage of high technology of ininal in your financial transactions.


ininal APi

Meet ininal APi that saves you from high costs.

Numerous banking services are already available to offer to your users, employees or company. However, it is a very costly process to integrate them into your system or adapt them through research and development. ininal APi saves you from high investment and operation costs and overcomes your risks. In brief, the easiest way to get rid of cost and risk is ininal APi. You can check stories of brands such as Sinemia and BiTaksi that chose ininal APi as a solution.

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Co-Branded Cards

Provide simplicity to your customers with ininal.

ininal is the right address for offering easy payment options to your customers, offering bulk payment solutions or creating campaigns for your customers with loyalty programs. Check solutions we offer to shopping malls, sports clubs and insurance companies .

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Virtual POS

Reach hundreds of thousands of people on your website.

Make a virtual POS agreement with ininal and reach your potential customers over your website. Thus, you both reach to high number of customers you and facilitate sales. Check detailed information on our virtual POS service in order to increase your customer volume.

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