ininal API

Create the solutions for all the problems with ininal API.

ininal API services can be easily integrated into many different areas such as basic banking services or loyalty system. You can pay premiums with company cards especially developed for your employees or you can produce solutions for all problems with ininal, which allows you to create virtual cards.


What is API?

A brief summary of the Application Programming Interface.

API standing for Application Programming Interface, is also used in Turkish as the same. API is basically an interface that allows you to use the capabilities of an application or software in another application or software. With API, you can use any specified feature set, develop application or add new feature to your existing application.

What Advantages Does ininal API Offer?

ininal API can be used free of charge by developers Only, an account needs to be account for this. Thus, all your data is protected with high security protection since ininal is inspected by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) So, you can make solutions and improvements for your application or software without paying any fee and securely.

What Can Be Done with ininal API?

It is possible to do almost everything with an API that fits your needs.

Since ininal is an organization that provides financial solutions, ininal API helps you with issues about basic banking services, too. In this sense, you can use ininal API for almost everything you can do related to banking The services that you can integrate into your companies are as follows:

Creating a user account

As you integrate ininal API into your system, you can complete the on-boarding of your users.

Instant balance adding

Top-up with a single click and low-cost.

Creating a virtual card

Skip the procedures and create a virtual card valid everywhere.

Adding a physical card

Add your company trade-marked cards and complete the transaction.

Money Transfer

Transfer money between ininal cards with a single integration.

Spending Analysis

Analyze your user’s spendings and find out your audience’s spending habits.

Card Activities

Track your users’ card activities instantly

Adding bulk balance

With a single click, You can make instant payments to thousands of your users and top up balance.

Meet ininal Card

Secure and fast shopping card that is valid everywhere, has chip and contactless options.