ininal Corporate Services

Benefit from high technology of ininal for your financial transactions.

ininal does not only provides your products and services to be purchased by individual users In addition, it offers financial infrastructure with virtual POS, customer cards or ininal API. Thus, you can benefit from high technologies provided by ininal for your financial transactions.

ininal API

Meet ininal API that saves you from high costs.

There are already many banking services you can offer for your users, employees, or your company. However, it is a pretty high-cost process to integrate them into your system or to accommodate by researching and developing. Ininal API both saves you from high-costs of investment and operation, and undertakes your risks. All in all, the easiest way of getting rid of high-cost and risk is ininal API. You can take-a-look at the stories of brands such as Sinemia and BiTaksi that went through the same issues and preferred ininal API for the solution.

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Co-Branded Cards

Provide ease to your customers with ininal.

ininal is the right address to offer low-cost solutions for bulk payments, to produce deals for your customers with loyalty programs, or to provide easy terms of payment for your customers. Take a closer look at the solutions we offer for shopping malls, E-sport clubs and insurance companies.

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Virtual Pos

Virtual Pos

Reach hundreds of thousands of people through your website. You can reach your potential customers through your website by making virtual POS agreement with ininal. Thereby, you both reach a large number of customers and make easy sales. You can immediately review the detailed information about our virtual POS service that you can benefit for enlarging your customer base.

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Meet ininal Card

Secure and fast shopping card that is valid everywhere, has chip and contactless options.