Virrtual POS

Reach hundreds of thousands of people through your website.

The virtual POS, which you use in order to enable your customers shopping through your website, will bring you a whole new world. Our virtual POS service, which will provide you with the opportunity to easily make ever-increasing internet sales, will enable you to meet with approximately 25 million users who do not benefit from classical banking services.


Advantages offered by ininal Virtual POS

Reach millions of potential customers who do not use credit card in Türkiye

Maximize your sales by getting your company to a wider market and ensuring customer loyalty.

Get %50 increase in your business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.

Enable your users to make purchases in much less time than traditional POS sales process.

Significantly reduce your workload of accounting and finance units.

Easily use ininal interface for cancellation, return and all of your operational transactions

Be included in ininal ecosystem by providing direct cooperation to our company and benefit from our marketing activities.

Achieve high sales success by creating cross-marketing with our companies and customers in different segments.

Meet ininal Card

Secure and fast shopping card that is valid everywhere, has chip and contactless options.