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Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things in our lives and brought along brand-new concepts. Foremost among these is social distance and contact. Moreover, many practices have also changed because of us being distant and avoiding contact. For example, many people now prefer contactless payment methods instead of cash payments. One of these contactless payment methods is payment with QR code.

What is Payment with QR code?

QR stands for “Quick Response” Basically QR codes allow you to reach any address, text or website. All of the QR Codes, which are used for the first time by Toyota’s sub-company Denso Wawe, are different and unique. Therefore, there are no complications when QR codes are created for different operations. Besides, QR codes are also called “Square Code” because, almost all of them are in square form

In order to open many crossplatforms applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram on the computer, it is necessary to read the code on the computer screen to the phone. Before the occurrence of Covid-19 pandemic, QR codes were often used for this kind of applications. With the pandemic, this system has started to take its place among the payment methods. In order to provide physical distance and prevent contact, many people have inclined to use these methods such as payment with QR code.

The QR code payment process actually is developed in the basic format mentioned above. When you scan a payment code via phone, you go to the payment screen and make a payment by clicking on options such as “Pay” or “Complete Payment” Often, the codes are needed to be scanned that are generated through POS devices. However, some companies can generate codes over the phone in addition to the POS device.

How to make QR Payment with ininal?

It is possible to pay with QR code with ininal Wallet application which can be downloaded to and used on smartphones that have Android and iOS operating systems. After downloading the application to your phone, you need to click on the “Pay by QR Code” option. If you have not authorized ininal Wallet App earlier, you will receive an access request at this point. After authorizing camera use, you just need to scan the QR code with your phone’s camera. Then, you will have paid easily.

What is ininal QR Code Discount?

ininal QR payment system, developed for those who want contactless delivery safely during the pandemic, can be used through ininal Wallet with a single click. Thus, “unnecessary contact avoidance” which is one of the most important rules to be followed to be safe against the virus, is realized.

In addition, ininal has contracted with Multinet, one of the most common food card payment system, for all users. Thanks to this agreement, QR code payments, which will be made at Multinet member merchants, will be discounted exclusively for ininal users now. In other words, ininalians, paying at more than 30 thousand restaurants, which are member of Multinet, can benefit from %5 discount. The most important point you need to know about this campaign, which will be valid for both pick up in store and at the door payment options, is that you should mark Multinet as a payment option for home orders.

During the payment, it will be enough to scan the QR code via innial Wallet on the POS device You don’t need to do anything else. Finally, you can follow ininal Campaigns Page to keep on tracking special deals such as discounted orders with QR code.

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