ininal Card and Online Transactions Usage Directive

Do not share your Ininal Card Password, card number, expiry rate written on front face of your card and CVV number in the back of your card.

If you see any transaction that does not belong to you or any other fraudulent or suspicious transaction while checking your account movements, please contact our call centre at 0850 311 77 01.

If you lose your card, you can cancel your personalized car through call centre or transfer the balance to a new card.

As ininal, we contact you about new products and services using the mail address and mobile phone number you defined in your Online Processes account.

CVV code in the back of your card in any SMS or e-mail. Please do not take this type of mails seriously.

Your Online Transactions password should consist of 6 characters including numbers and letters. Do not share your mail address and password used for online transactions with anybody for your own security.

TR. ID. No. and captcha information is required in addition to e-mail and password during your first login for your security in case 3 wrong passwords are entered in the system.

Your account is blocked when you enter wrong password for 5 times and you are required to create a new password. Your online transactions account is opened again after you renew your password with the link received in your mail. You can see the last successful login date and how many times and when wrong password was entered in the top of the first screen that appears after successful login.

If you do not take any action for 5 minutes on the online transactions page, your session will be terminated for your security. You can log in to only one device at a time on the ininal Online Transactions page. In order to log in to another device at the same time, you need to sign out of other sessions.

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