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Today, there are hundreds of online games of many genres on the internet. Young and old alike can find an attractive or congenial game for themselves Nowadays, online games are more than just a game Online games are now seen as an environment where people socialize and struggle. Attention to online games has been increasing by the tournaments, competitions and events organized nation-wide and world-wide

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VALORANT, developed and published by Riot Games, is a team-based FPS (First Person Shooter) video game. With a variety of game mode options, VALORANT attract players’ attention with the character traits. Valorant offers character options with different and special abilities that players can choose from, based on their personal abilities and strategies. In this completely free game, you can get VALORANT Battle Pass or in-game cosmetic products with VALORANT Points (VP).


League of Legends

League of Legends, another online game developed and published by Riot Games, is a team-based strategy game. In the game, two teams of five players, each choosing from more than 140 characters with different characteristics and abilities, fight in various battlefields and game modes. Although League of Legends is completely free to play, Riot Points (RP) are used to purchase in-game items such as costumes and certain progression cards.



Zula is Türkiye’s the first gigantic online FPS game developed by Madbyte Games and published by Lokum Games. Zula offers a pleasant and rich game experience to players with its game modes, maps and characters. Zula meets players as an online free game. Zula Gold (ZG) is used to buy products such as weapons, equipment, chests in the game.


PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is an online game that continues the classical PUBG experience on the mobile platform, where you try to survive by fighting among a hundred players You can fight as a team or individually. Your only goal is trying to survive in the island where you are landed by jumping out of a plane. You can get the new features and extra advantages in the PUBG Mobile Game which you can play without any fees on your phone or tablet, with Unknown Cash (UC).

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