Paying Bills

You do not have to use debit or credit card to pay bills online without leaving your house.

You can use the easier, the safer and the more economical payment methods. You can make your bill payment transactions without any fees and securely with ininal Mobile App, which offers innovative financial solutions such as shopping online, 24/7 money transfer.
ininal Ease in Paying Bills
ininal Ease in Paying Bills
You can make your bill payments 24/7 as well as all payment transactions with ininal Mobile App. You can top-up your ininal account balance without any fee by money order or EFT, pay your bills without needing a card.
With ininal Mobile App, you can make bill payments for more than 300 institutions without a fee. You can find all the invoice options in the “Make a Payment” tab on the ininal Mobile App homepage.
You can download immediately ininal Mobile App, which you need to pay all your bills in a secure, easy and fast way, and you can create your membership in seconds. Thus, You can start using the other financial solutions offered by ininal Mobile App. instantly.
Pay Bill with ininal
How to Pay Bill with ininal?
With ininal Mobile App, you can complete the transactions for paying bills just in a few steps:
1. Select the invoice type and then the institution by clicking “Make Payment” tab on ininal Mobile App.
2. Write your subscriber number by checking the institution name you selected on the Bill Information Page.
3. Check your invoices, invoice amounts and due dates on the Payment Information Page.
Select the ininal Card you want to pay with and complete the payment process on Billing Summary Page.

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