Invite your friend to ininal, you earn 2 TL and your friend earns 5 TL !

How does “Invite Your Friend” works?

Click on the “Invite Your Friend” tab on the main page of the ininal Wallet application and just follow the steps:

Under the “ Invite Your Friend” tab, you can find your special invitation code consisting of letters and numbers.

Invite your friends via Whatsapp, SMS or any application you use.

Use the share button next to the code to quickly complete the sharing process.

When your friend signs up with your invitation code, both your friend and you win the prize.

You can see the prize you have won again from the “ Invite Your Friend” page and whenever you want, You can install it.

A user can win 5 awards within a month from the “ Invite Your Friend” application.

The reward balance will be loaded on the physical card only.